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Bringing together people interested in entrepreneurship education.

YES – Own network of entrepreneurship educators

We are a significant developer network of entrepreneurial education that unites various actors to build more effective entrepreneurship education, both nationally and regionally.

We offer support and opportunities for the development of competence to municipalities, educational institutions and other actors in entrepreneurship education, as well as the opportunity to network with other actors interested in entrepreneurship education.

YES network functions through co-development and network cooperation. YES’s network competence is the ability to understand networks, the will to build trust, the vision to strengthen competence levels and the desire to build purposeful cooperation. Through joint action, we are then able to set goals for entrepreneurship education, create measures and build tools with which to achieve those goals.

YES’s services include entrepreneurship education development services, network cooperation, entrepreneurship education coaching, and school-business cooperation models and tools. In addition, YES also produces materials for the development and implementation of entrepreneurship education.

YES’s activities are funded by members and cooperation partners.

Membership in YES is open to all individuals and communities who wish to develop entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurship education materials in English

The services and materials offered by the YES Network are primarily in Finnish, although certain materials are also available in English. Please explore the following resources:

Test: What kind of entrepreneur would you be?
Career Mentoring – instructions and tips for organisers and participants
JEKKU Virtual Learning Environment

Why are we carrying out this work? The purpose of the YES network

We, in the YES network, strive for a network of entrepreneurial education that unites municipal actors to build more effective entrepreneurship education that produces competence, wellbeing and vitality. YES shows the direction for the development of entrepreneurship education.

What do we hope to achieve as the YES network?

Our vision is that through the leadership of the YES network, every Finnish municipality is a municipality for entrepreneurship education. Finnish children and young people can boldly build exactly what they want for their own future. With an entrepreneurial attitude, they can create well-being for themselves and others.

A municipality of entrepreneurship education means, among other things, that entrepreneurship education in the municipality is understood to be part of the municipality’s various development measures and that entrepreneurship education is part of the municipality’s strategies. The municipality understands the importance of networking: entrepreneurship education is developed in an ecosystem of entrepreneurial competence.

A municipality of entrepreneurship education has its own entrepreneurship education team and an intact path of entrepreneurship education has been built in the municipality. This means that the municipality has modelled how entrepreneurship education is implemented at every educational level, from early childhood to upper secondary education. In a municipality of entrepreneurship education, the coordination of entrepreneurship education is also resourced.


Sanna Lehtonen
Executive Director
tel. +358 45 357 2716

Leea Simola
Communications Manager
tel. +358 50 346 2496