Bringing together people interested in entrepreneurship education.

Briefly About YES

YES is Finland’s most significant network for the development of entrepreneurship education, which promotes the implementation of entrepreneurship education by strengthening the entrepreneurial culture, coaching teachers, developing training and building school-business cooperation. We are a partner for municipalities, education providers and other developers of entrepreneurship education.

What we do

YES is a non-profit organization. The YES Network is a network of networks, bringing together entrepreneurship education agents and other agents interested in the development of entrepreneurship education both regionally and nationally.

We train teaching staff, develop entrepreneurship education and build school-business cooperation.

Why we do it

Our goal is that every young person in Finland receives entrepreneurship education regardless of educational level and municipality, and that every teacher has the capability to implement entrepreneurship education in their own work.

The aim of the YES Network is to create a new kind of work culture where education and business life are engaged in an active dialogue, where educational institutions operate in an entrepreneurial manner, and above all, young people receive adequate training during their studies to enter working life.

Due to entrepreneurship education, an entrepreneurial culture is strengthened in schools: entrepreneurial and working life skills of the teaching faculty grow, entrepreneurship education pedagogy develops and new learning environments are created. Schools will train entrepreneurial and active members of the youth who will succeed in their future working lives.

YES Network

YES services were first established in Finland in 2001, and have since developed into a wide entrepreneurship education network. YES services are available in the following regions. The National YES Office in Helsinki coordinates the regional YES Network.

The YES Network works with the support of partners. Regional partners include regional development drives, entrepreneur organizations, and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. National YES is funded by its members and e.g. Yksityisyrittäjäin Säätiö.

YES services are principally free of charge. The services are mostly available in Finnish and Swedish.


Below is the contact information of National YES officials. Contact information for regional YES agents can be found on here.

Sanna Lehtonen
Executive Director
tel. +358 45 357 2716

Leea Simola
Communications Manager
tel. +358 50 346 2496