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JEKKU Virtual Learning Environment

JEKKU is a distinctly innovative learning material designed for the identification and articulation of skills.

JEKKU is a virtual learning environment co-developed with teachers, young individuals, and experts, where learners can identify, enhance, and articulate their own professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Operated collaboratively, JEKKU facilitates interaction and networking among other service users.

JEKKU brings forth students’ competencies, encouraging young individuals to develop their skills throughout their entire academic journey.

While designed for secondary education learners, JEKKU is accessible to anyone who finds the themes relevant to them. JEKKU is open to all and free of charge.


JEKKU is a tool for learning how to learn, helping transform acquired knowledge into projects. These projects can be carried out individually or collaboratively, and JEKKU also serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurship.

A key aspect of JEKKU is the development of the learner’s network competency. Within JEKKU, learners explore their strengths and resources, building their own networks and collaborating within them.

JEKKU content is structured around three core questions: Who am I? What can I do? and Who do I know? Through these core questions, one can identify and articulate their skills related to the following themes:

  • Self-awareness and dreaming
  • Project skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Networking skills

JEKKU’s content aligns with the curriculum and educational objectives of secondary education.

JEKKU effectively addresses the void currently lacking suitable materials.

High school guidance counselor

The structure of JEKKU supports the teacher and provides a desirable tool for teaching projects.

High school teacher

The service is straightforward and easy to use.



The JEKKU virtual learning environment operates within the Emill service, where participants can discover a network and community to share both skills and learning experiences.

Get started with JEKKU!

JEKKU is available in Finnish and English.

Here’s how to get JEKKU on your smart device: Download the Emill app from Google Play or the App Store. On your first use, create an account on Emill, and then you can access JEKKU content.

More detailed instructions on creating an account can be found here.

The JEKKU virtual learning environment has been developed in the ESR-funded Open Platform Entrepreneurship Education for Future Work project. The project involves the National YES Network, as well as Prizztech Ltd and the Satakunta Educational Federation Sataedu Ltd.